ATyS d H / from 4000 to 6300 A

The ATyS d H is a three-phase transfer switch, 3 and 4 poles, designed for low voltage high power applications that require high-performance and fast reliable switching. The open transition transfer is performed on-load in line with IEC 60947-6-1 and GB 14048-11 standards (Class PC) with minimal power supply interruption to the load during transfer.
The ATyS d H is remote transfer switching equipment (RTSE) with an integrated dual power supply (DPS) that accepts remote orders through volt-free contacts.


Ready for installation in the enclosure of your choice

The ATyS d H has been designed to facilitate installation as it is available as a fixed or completely withdrawable type of transfer switch. It is composed of two switches that are mounted one above the other with easily accessible power connections located at the rear. Furthermore the ATyS d H does not need any external bridging bars as the load side is connected within the product. This enables to save time during installation.

High-performance switching

The ATyS d H offers high withstand short circuit current ratings of 143 kA Icm (making) and 65 kA for 0.1sec Icw (withstand). Further to its high short circuit withstand, the ATyS d H performance in terms of load switching capacity is AC-33iB (6 x In cos Ø 0.5) without derating.

Safe on-load transfer: I-0-II

The ATyS d H includes two mechanically interlocked switches to ensure fast switching whilst providing a neutral (Off – 0) position. This ensures that the main and alternative power supplies do not overlap.