ATyS d M  / from 40 to 160 A

ATyS d M are single-phase or three-phase transfer switches that are remotely controlled using volt-free contacts from an external controller. They are modular products with positive break indication. They are intended for use in low voltage power supply systems where a brief interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.


Secure operation

ATyS M products provide electrical and mechanical interlocks for optimum safety. The product also provides positive break indication, confirming switch position with dual mechanical indicators for increased safety.

Fast transfer

ATyS d M are based on coil and technology with rotative contacts, therefore ensuring an extremely short black-out duration (< 90ms).

High performance

ATyS M are compliant with IEC 60947-6-1, the standard governing transfer switches. The AC 33B characteristic up to 125 A makes it possible to use the same product for resistive and inductive loads.

Immune to network voltage fluctuations

The power supply of the ATyS d M is only active during transfer. As the product is based on stable positions, it is not affected by network voltage fluctuations.