Wireless power monitoring devices - B30 Serie

The DIRIS B-30 is a measuring device in a modular format that communicates wirelessly or RS485. The 4, RJ12 independent current inputs of the device allow it to manage several types and numbers of circuits :for example, 4 single-phase loads or 1 three-phase load + 1 single-phase load.
The DIRIS B-30 is connected to current sensors (RJ12 connection) that are suitable for all types of installation: solid TE, split-core TR, and flexible TF current sensors.

Plug & Play
A rapid RJ12 connection makes wiring easy and reliable and prevents wiring errors. Automatically addressing and configuring the product (communication address, load type, type and ratio of current sensor) allow you to simplify implementation and to save time.

Class 0.5 in accordance with IEC 61557-12
• Class 0.2 for the meter alone.
• Class 0.5 from 2% to 120% of nominal current for the global measurement chain (associated with TE/TF current sensors).

• 4 current measurement inputs allow you to configure multiple circuits in order to optimise the number of measurement devices per installation.

• The DIRIS B-30 can be connected to:
– a remote DIRIS D-30 screen for displaying measurement and metering data.
– a DIRIS G gateway for centralisation and communication of data wirelessly or via RS485 and Ethernet.
– optional modules to communicate in BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP and PROFIBUS DP protocol. Digital or analogue input/output modules can also be connected.