DIRIS Digiware S
Current measurement module with integrated sensors

DIRIS Digiware S current acquisition modules have 3 integrated current sensors for the measurement of electrical circuits up to 63 A.
Positioned directly above or below the protective devices, they are associated with the DIRIS Digiware U voltage measurement module to measure consumption, and to monitor the electrical installation and the quality of the power supply.


Plug & Play

• Save wiring time: the current sensors are integrated in the module.
• Quick RJ45 connection between modules.
• Positioning possible upstream or downstream of the protective device.


Multiple DIRIS Digiware S modules can be used within the measurement system enabling the monitoring of a large number of loads.


• A measurement module offering the best compactness/performance ratio of the market.
• Matches the pitch of the protective device.


• Class 0.5 for active energy in accordance with the IEC 61557-12 standard, allowing accurate measurements over a wide range of currents.