Gelişmiş Enerji Analizörü - DIRIS A60

DIRIS A60, DIRIS A40’ın sunduğu bütün işlevleri sağlayan ve aynı zamanda kullanıcının tesise hasar verebilecek olayları tespit etmesine ve bunları grafik şeklinde sunmaya olanak tanıyan bir ölçüm ünitesidir.
Tüm bu bilgiler, kalite ölçüm yazılımını kullanarak uzaktan kullanılıp analiz edilebilir.


Multifunction meters - PMD Energy monitoring and event analysis - DIRIS A60

dimensions 96×96 mm

DIRIS A60 is a panel mounted multifunction meter which incorporates all functions of the DIRIS A40 with the addition of enhanced data logging functions, recording curves for quality events. All this information can be analysed remotely using the Analysis software which is available at no charge and can be downloaded from the SOCOMEC website www.socomec.com.


Easy to use

Thanks to its large backlit LCD display and its multiple viewing screens with direct key access, the DIRIS A60 provides clear readings and is easy to use. It  directly display a number of multimeasurement and metering values : +/- kWh, +/- kvarh, kVAh, I, U, V, F, P, Q, S, PF, etc.

Detects wiring errors

An integrated test function can be utilised to detect incorrect wiring and to automatically correct CT installation errors.

Compliant with IEC 61557-12

IEC 61557-12 is a high-level standard for all PMDs (Performance Monitoring Devices) that are designed to measure and monitor electrical parameters in distribution networks. Compliance with IEC 61557-12 ensures a high level of equipment performance, in terms of metrology, and the mechanical and environmental aspects (EMC, temperature, etc.).

Management softwares

• Optional Ethernet module with Webserver function: For measurement monitoring, data exploitation and the export of load curves remotely without a specific software (web browser access).
• Analysis software: For the analysis of events data in order to improve teh reliability of the electrical installation.
• Easy Config software: For quick and easy remote device configuration; configuration files can be copied from and sent to the DIRIS A60, or they can be created without communication and sent at a later time. Multiple devices can be configured from a single file, which is especially useful for OEMs and panel builders.

Conformity to standard EN 50160

EN 50160 is a standard which defines events relating to the quality of electrical networks. The DIRIS A60 captures voltage events in accordance with this standard.