Motorised and automatic transfer enclosed switches
ATyS in enclosure 40 to 3200 A

Our transfer enclosures are equipped with ATyS motorised and automatic changeover switches to ensure power availability in critical applications. Motorised transfer enclosures are controlled manually or remotely through an external automated system. Automated transfer enclosures automatically ensure that power availability is integrally managed.


Quick installation

Easy installation with the network autoconfiguration feature. All of the auxiliary contacts, inputs and outputs are routed on terminal strips for high rating ATyS models.

Wide choice

ATyS models have specific functions to make your electrical system safer and smarter. Compatible with all types of BMS/SCADA of your choice. Always know what is happening on your network.

Easy maintenance

ATyS models have maintenance-free arcing contacts. You can also control the device with the emergency lever behind the door.


With a wide range of setup options, our range of enclosed ATyS models.