Timosys-M60 M-BUS level converter 60 slaves

• Integrated RS232 interface (PC as Master) RS485 interface
• Galvanic insulation between M-Bus and PC
• Baudrates from 300 to 9600 Baud
• Bit-Recovery (recovery of bit times)
• Displays for power, data transmission, max. bus current and overcurrent
• External 20-45V DC or 20-30V AC supply
• Rail mounting

Protection against overcurrent and short-circuit on M-Bus
• Effective data transmission
Function of the Master – TIMOSYS-M60
The devices in the M60 series are M-Bus master interfaces for networks with 60 slaves. They are compact in design (rail mounting) and have a broad supply voltage range. The actual operating state is indicated by several LED at the front. M60 series are equipped with a RS232 port.
The TIMOSYS-M60 has an additional noisefree RS485 port which enables greater distances between control computer and level converter.

Operating voltage : 20V .. 45V DC
Power consumption max : 16W
M-Bus voltage (without load) : 38V
Max. M-Bus quiescent current : 90mA (60 devices)
Internal bus resistance approx :. 20 ohm
Overcurrent threshold : 140mA
Transmission speed : RS232 300 .. 9600 Baud
Transmission speed : RS485 300 .. 9600 Baud
Galvanic isolation to M-Bus : yes
Temperature range : 0..55 °C
Dimensions : H x W x D 150 x 70 x 118 mm
Protection : IP40
Order number : TimoSys M-60