Room Control Unit RCU2018 is designed as an all in one product for different room layouts such as apartments, hotel rooms, hospitals and residences.

• Room Control Unit covers all requirements of the electrical installation of room applications and offers following functions in a one product.

– Switching lighting
– Switching loads
– Controlling AC/DC blinds
– Controlling fan coils (2 & 3 point valve)
– Dry contact inputs

• RCU2018 has 20x16A relay outputs. These outputs are grouped as 5 independent output channels. Each channel can be configured to have different modes of operation as follows,

– Switching output x4
– AC Blind x2
– DC Blind x1
– 2 Point valve x2
– 3 point valve x1

• Suitable for switching resistive, capacitive and inductive loads as well as fluorescent lamp loads according to EN 60 669. As a switch output device provides following function list,

– Staircase
– External logic
– Internal logic
– Priority
– Threshold
– Operating hour
– Sweep

• Device has 18 independent input channels. Input channel operates as universal interface with following functions,

– Switch / push button input
– Dimmer control
– Control of shutter/blinds
– Value sending
– Scene control
– Counter for count pulse