SIRCO MOT PV / remotely operated range from 250 to 3200 A, up to 1000 VDC

SIRCO PV are remotely operated multipolar load break switches.
They make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low voltage circuit dedicated to photovoltaic applications up to 1000 VDC.


High breaking performance

A glass fibre reinforced polyester break chamber with an arc extinguishing system provides a patented safety disconnection system offering rapid extinguishing of the electric arc up to 1000 VDC and current interruption up to 3200 A.

Remotely operated product

SIRCO MOT PV are intended for use in photovoltaic installations and solar inverters. They can be remotely controlled via volt-free contacts, from either an external automatic controller or a switch.

Manual emergency operation

In addition to its motorised operation, the SIRCO MOT PV also includes a manual operation facility, enabling the switch position to be changed directly on the device if required.