TIMO A10 pre-payment module

With Pre payment systems, building management companies are able to collect the electricity, water and heating consumption payments of the tenants in advance. Reading of the meters, invoicing, distribution of the invoices and collection of the payment become automatic thus providing big bene ts for facility management especially in commercial and shopping centers.
Timosys pre payment system can be applied to mechanical meters (water and heat meters) as well as electricity meters. The prepayment module retrieves consumption values through serial communication and calculates the credit consumed and credit available. When no more credit remains, the module opens the circuit breaker or switches off the motor operated valve. The system can be operated remotely or by using a USB stick for charging new credit to the module manually.


Electricity meter
• Phase currents ( 3 separate measurements per phase)
• Phase currents ( 3 separate measurements per phase)
• Power measurement (active and reactive)
• Frequency
• Power factor ( cos Ø )
• Active and reactive energies ( 2 different tariffs for mains and genset)
A total of 14 parameters are monitored by the software.

Pre payment module
• Total credit charged
• Remaining credit
• Last amount of credit topped up
• Date of last credit top up
• Credit limit warning
• Pre payment operating mode
( Commissioning, automatic and software operated)
• Position of digital I/O Water meters
• Water consumption mff

Heat meters
• Heating and cooling consumption kWh